Generous donations of Evangel’s congregation, alumni, and supporters meet physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of people who attend Evangel and the community at large. First, Evangel is committed to exceeding the tithe (10%) in support of missions outside of the local church. After that, donations pay staff salaries, facility expenses, and support of local church ministries. Surpluses go to a restricted fund for capital improvements and expansion. Expenses are cut to avoid deficits.  Evangel has no debt. Members review the church budget each quarter.

How to Give

Electronic Funds Transfer

Secure Electronic Giving Portal

If you need to make a payment for books, registration fees, or other things of value, please select fund "Other" and note "Payment" and the purpose in the memo line.

From a smart phone, you can text ECHgive to 77977. 

Download Evangel's My Church App to streamline your giving options in the future.

Setting up recurring donations helps church finances tremendously as we meet regular financial obligations.

Cash or Check

And as always, gifts of cash or checks payable to Evangel Baptist Church are received in the offering plates on Sunday mornings, or you can mail checks to 1114 College Ave., Houghton, MI 49931.

Donating Stocks

We also accept charitable donations of stocks. Depending on your marginal bracket and if you itemize your deductions, a donation of stocks could provide further tax advantages by allowing you to deduct the entire fair market value of the donation without having to recognize the capital gain. After the stocks have been transferred to Evangel, we will liquidate the stocks for cash.

Thank You

Giving is a necessity for spiritual health. God does not need our money. He owns it all already. However, we need to give to keep ourselves in check.

It's easy in our culture to want more stuff. For the Christian, our provider and supplier is God—not a job, not a skill, not a career. As we trust in God, we must acknowledge that all we have belongs to God and he can use us or his money however he wishes.

At Evangel, we encourage people to give sacrificially to stretch their faith. We tell people to give joyfully to stretch their humility. The amount matters because it matters to our hearts. As Christians, we know God has already given us far more than we can ever give back to him.